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"Jazz for N.E.R.D.S." Demo


1.The jazz at the Cotton Club
2.Meet the terrorific Dr. Dektakuvikus
3.Interlude 1.Pepe Carrol: an introduction to spanish popular tv and it's new perspective
4.Je M'appelle Janette (gymnopédie n.4)
5.Apples were Silver
6.Interlude 2.Edgar Varése: avantgarde for the kids of the cold war
7.Go to the putas!
8.Elephant disaster jazz
9.Interlude 3.Africa Bambata:motherfucker
December 2004
Songs recorded the 14th December 2004 by Dead Man on Campus on their practice place.
This demo was an improvisation
Artwork done by Cristian

Coming Soon!
- Lovers & Lollypops Compilation     
(unknown date)
- Aambulanciaa Compilation cd-r      
(unknown date)
- Split cd-r release for BSBTA            
(unknown date)

"S/T" Ep



  1.Jazz Soldiers
  3.Vatican Revolution
  4.Black Americans
  5.Ocell de Metraquilat
  6.Cut & Paste
  7.Some Lies About Us
  9.Jens on the Corner

  Lovers & Lollypops, cd-r
  March 2006
  Songs recorded by Alejandro, Mike and
  Jens the 13th of June 2006 in 
  AudioMayer Studios. 
  Mixed by Pablo and Cristian with
  Nuendo 3.0 
  Artwork done by Jose María